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70-055: Developing Solutions with Microsoft FrontPage 98
Analyzing Business Requirements
Analyze the scope of a project, based on various conditions. Conditions include the purpose or the goal of a Web site, and the capabilities of the browser or browsers used by the target audience.
Analyze the extent of the business requirements. Considerations include search capabilities; localization; access to the Internet, an intranet, or an extranet; electronic commerce; database integration; document integration; use of no-frames sites; and accessibility, specifically text-only sites.
Analyze security requirements. Considerations include access to information on a Web site, protected directories, password-protected memberships, and use of Secure Sockets Layer†(SSL).
Analyze performance requirements.
  • Analyze the performance requirements of the hardware and software used by the target audience, specifically bandwidth, multimedia capabilities, and browser version.
  • Analyze the performance requirements for the target server.
Analyze maintainability requirements.
Analyze human factors requirements, specifically accessibility. Accessibility considerations include using alternate text on images, using text-only sites, and modifying the order of tabs.
Analyze requirements for integrating a FrontPage 98 Web site with existing applications and Web sites. Considerations include security, database access, and preservation of Active Server Pages†(ASP).
Defining the Technical Architecture for a FrontPage 98 Web Site
Identify which technologies and server products are appropriate for implementing a FrontPage 98 Web site.
  • Assess the use of technologies such as VBScript, JavaScript, Java, Microsoft ActiveX Controls, and FrontPage components.
  • Assess the use of server products such as FrontPage Personal Web Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Apache Server, Microsoft Personal Web Server, and Netscape servers.
Test the feasibility of a proposed technical architecture.
Developing the Conceptual and Logical Design for a FrontPage 98 Web Site
Construct a conceptual design that is based on a variety of scenarios; that includes context, workflow process, and task sequence; and that satisfies requirements for user interface, maintainability, and training.
Designing a User Interface and User Services for a FrontPage 98 Web Site
Identify the logical sequence of flow for the user interface. Considerations include the organization of the FrontPage web or webs, and the inclusion and organization of FrontPage components and active page elements.
Design the forms and form features to be implemented on a FrontPage Web site, and choose which forms-handling strategies to use.
Evaluate methods of providing online user assistance, such as navigation aids, FAQs, and search capabilities.
Construct a prototype user interface that is based on business requirements, user interface guidelines, and the organizationís standards.
Establishing the Development Environment
Configure integration with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.
Install FrontPage 98, including the appropriate server extensions.
Install and configure Microsoft Personal Web Server and Microsoft FrontPage Personal Web Server.
Creating User Services
Implement a navigational structure for a FrontPage 98 Web site by using navigation bars.
  • Alter the default titles for navigation bars.
  • Create and use frames.
  • Configure shared borders for the Web site.
Create data input forms.
  • Add fields to a form.
  • Set field properties.
  • Set form properties.
Validate user input by using form field validation scripts.
Process user input from a form.
  • Send form results by using e-mail.
  • Send form results to a file.
  • Display form results in a frame.
Insert an ActiveX control in a FrontPage Web page.
Insert a Java applet onto a FrontPage Web page.
Incorporate Web pages and Web sites by using the Import command or by using the Import Web Wizard.
Create a Web page that uses transitions and visual filters, and that also uses Dynamic HTML to position elements and to modify attributes of elements, of content, and of styles.
Use the Database Region Wizard to retrieve data from a database.
Insert a FrontPage component.
Create a Web page that enables users to send e-mail.
Add search capabilities to a Web site.
Create and use style sheets and templates on a Web page.
  • Create and use an external style sheet for use by multiple Web pages.
Add media-delivery capabilities to a Web site.
Create a Web page that includes tables, graphics, and animation.
Testing a FrontPage 98 Web Site
Preview a Web site in multiple browsers.
Publishing a FrontPage 98 Web Site
Publish to multiple servers.
Establish mechanisms for posting content to a Web site.
Managing a FrontPage 98 Web Site
Analyze and maintain site organization.
  • Locate orphaned pages.
Publish updated content on a Web site.
Configure and publish a channel.
Verify hyperlinks.
Adapt a Web site to new browser technology.
Managing Access to a FrontPage 98 Web Site
Control access to data and objects on a Web site.
Administer user access to pages on a Web site and to the entire Web site.
Configure FrontPage 98 to use a proxy server.

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