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MSExpert is dedicated to bringing Microsoft Certification Training to IT Professionals and Software Developers. The web site is updated daily, and the newsletter is delivered on a bi-weekly basis which includes all the news from the previous two weeks. MSExpert provides you with the latest Certification News, Practice Tests and Classified Directory of Certification Resources.

Target Audience Suggested Advertising Usage
  • Software Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Corporate Managers
  • Software
  • Certification Training
  • Publications
  • Trade Shows
  • Seminars
  • Web sites

We do not sell our banner ads on a cost per 1,000 impressions. Rather we sell ad slots, which are measured in months. (For example, 3 ad slots would run for three consecutive months). We provide all of our advertisers with a live report screen, which shows their instantaneous impressions and click throughs for all of their banners.

 Ads Specs 

Gif/JpegRich MediaUnder TextRecommended Size
Top 468x60YesYesYes12 KB
Cube 125x125YesYesYes8 KB
Medium 120x60YesNoYes4 KB
Button 88x31YesNoNo2 KB

 Rate Card 

1 Month TermSlotsImpressions*CostCPM
Top 468x60118,330$180$9.82
Cube 125x125117,650$120$6.80
Medium 120x60117,650$85$4.82
Button 88x31117,650$60$3.40

Discounts5%2 Slots per month
10%3 or more Slots per month
Additional 5%Campaigns that span 3 months or more

* These were the average impressions delivered per slot during the period between 11/1/01 and 12/1/01. Actual values will vary from campaign to campaign depending on the amount of advertisers and our site traffic. At a very minimum you are guaranteed to get 10,000 impressions per slot. The 1-Month "Cost" per slot is fixed and independent of impressions delivered.
To increase the amount of impressions over a 1-Month period, you can simply run multiple concurrent slots.

 Payment options 

Once you decide to advertise on MSExpert, you will need first to send in the payment, and second, send in the banners you want with instructions on when you want to run your slots, and, if you have more than one banner, how you want your banners weighted. If you have decided to advertise with MSExpert, we would appreciate it if you would contact us via email before you send in the check. We would like to get an idea of what you want to promote, how many slots you want, etc. Once we have this initial discussion, we will send you an invoice.

All payments must be in check or money order form, paid in US dollars. Payment must be received in full BEFORE the advertising will begin.


If you have any questions regarding advertising, please contact us at or use our Web contact form.

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